All About Keyphone System

As a business owner, you would want to get the suitable furniture and equipment with the best price. One of the equipment that we should ignore is phone system. If you are running small business with 40 to 50 employees, keyphone system is always your initial choice. Why is keyphone system so popular? What are the characteristic and benefits of keyphone system?

Understanding Keyphone Systems
Keyphone system is designed with simple along multi-line, which operate by Key System Unit (KSU) in a separated box stored anywhere in the office. Comparing the price with other phone system, keyphone system is cheaper than PBX phone system or VoIP phone systems. Keyphone system installation and maintenance is usually done by experienced technicians.

The number of phone lines is determined by the number of user. Even though keyphone system is run by a shared line, the user can call out simultaneously, as each employee has dedicated phone line. To use keyphone system, you need only one contact number and the phone call is routed to keyphone system, then the user manually selects the phone line.

The phone has multiple buttons with indicator lights for each line, which help the user to identify the status of each phone line. Unlike PBX systems, keyphone systems require you to manually select the line as the system do not have a switching device. As the growth of technology, keyphone system have evolved themselves and offers more flexibility and features.

A general keyphone system have several features such as shared voice lines, call hold and hold-music, auto attendant, caller ID, memory dial, intercom and paging, timer, call recording, indication lights, and voicemail.

What is KSU-less Systems
A traditional keyphone system is operated by key system unit (KSU), which is run by a circuit board. Unlike traditional one, KSU-less systems are much easier to install as they installed all the technical parts into the cordless or wired phones. KSU-less systems phone calls are operated by phone provider, and the initial setup is done by the company.

KSU-less system is suitable for small business with small number of employees, also suitable company which aren’t planning of growth, as the system is not expandable. It provides more flexibility than traditional keyphone system, which allows you to disconnect and move to new location. The cost of getting KSU-less phone and the maintenance cost is cheaper, however, it has lower capacity, which is 10-12 users.

Benefits and Limitations of KeyPhone Systems
Key phone systems are often the initial option for small and medium size business company as it is small and easier to maintain than complex systems. The price of getting keyphone system is cheaper than other phone system. Your clients can easily reach your company phone line as there is only phone number. Keyphone system is affordable for businesses with up to 50 employees in the office.

However, key phone system is not expandable and lack of flexibility. It is suitable for company with one office location based. If you are planning to expand the office in future time, keyphone system may not be the best choice for your businesses.

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