Diesel Turbochargers

Founded by Mr. Yoshida Ichiro in 2004, Niitsu Turbo Industries was named after Mr. Yoshida’s hometown in Japan. With a keen interest in turbochargers and passion for technology, Mr. Yoshida honed his engineering skills for over 20 years working as an engineer in workshops of leading diesel turbochargers manufacturers of that time. From humble beginnings and the wealth of experience behind him, Mr. Yoshida then ventured on his own to set up Niitsu Turbo Industries. It is with the same passion and drive that propelled Niitsu Turbo Industries to become what it is today. With new development and technological advances, Niitsu Turbo Industries now supplies high quality turbochargers worldwide. In year 2009, the company expanded its operations with a new partnership with a Malaysian company as the main wholesaler for international markets. All products for international market will now be exported from Malaysia.

All Niitsu turbochargers are manufactured based on customization to fit and replace original turbochargers. This translates to our quality where our customers can have peace of mind and all our products are manufactured in the fully reversed engineered systems. It is the process whereby the turbochargers knowing that the turbocharger will have accurate and correct specification tailored to their vehicles. All core assemblies are made to fit to the original housings. We ensure the wheel profiles are correct and satisfy all OE specifications and requirements.

Niitsu turbochargers stands for guaranteed interchangeability, quality assurance, competitiveness, and warranty.

About Us

Niitsu Turbo Industries is the leading specialist and manufacturer of superior vehicle turbochargers and applications.  With over 5 years of extensive experience in the Japanese market, Niitsu Turbo Industries now exports to internationals customers worldwide from Malaysia.

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